Sound Design

Omorpho – Gravity SportsWare

Creative: Vehicle

Client: Omorpho

Mixed & Sound Design by Visionear

Audio Editing Featured Mixing Sound Design

“The Lessons” Ongoing Short Films

“The Lessons” Awards winning series of Ongoing short films written and directed by Alberto Ferreras.

Sound mix, Audio Editing, dialogue cleaning and sweetening by Eduardo Larez
Mixed for Theater and Streaming distribution.

Video mastering by Fred Trevino.

Photographed by Alex Stikich

Featuring: Shirley Rumierk, Francisco Solorzano, Suzanne Di Donna, David Fraioli, Barbra Herr, Giovanka De Medici, Ardes Quinn, and John David West, with a special appearance by Olga Merediz.

“The Lessons” won the Audience Award and Best Alumni Film at the Sedona International Film Festival 2020, and honorable mentions and awards at multiple festivals . They have been presented at Outfest, the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, Hong Kong LGBT Film Festival, the Havana Film Festival, Newfest, Image + Nation in Montreal, Rozen Filmdagen in Amsterdam and NY Shorts among many others.  “Lesson #7” has been acquired by HBO and is currently on the air and available on its HBO Max. 

Audio Editing Featured Mixing Sound Design

Old Guy – short form series

Mixed this comedy series about ageism in media, the worked involved sound fx, creating ambient and spaces for the scenes, dialogue cleaning and restoration, mixed for Theater and Streaming.

SYNOPSIS:   Harry — played by Roger Burton (Baskets, Fargo, Shameless, The Tonight Show) — is going back to acting later in life, after raising his family and retiring from his traditional job.  The show looks at his relationships with his writer wife (played by his real-life spouse, novelist Gabrielle Burton) who tries to advise him on the value of the jobs he takes, and with his agent, Peri Gilpin (Frasier), who is more interested in her commission than in what types of roles he plays.  In each episode, Harry is challenged by playing an undeveloped character type, which humorously highlights different stereotypes about old age.  OLD GUY will provoke thought & conversation — and it’s a good laugh.

Created by Five Sisters Productions (Maria BurtonUrsula BurtonJennifer BurtonGabrielle C. BurtonCharity Burton).
Additional KEY CREW include:

Arlene Nelson – DP (A Mighty Wind, Valentine Road, A Sort of Homecoming)
Alice Brooks – DP (The Hillz)
Austin de Besche – DP (Return of the Secaucus Seven)
Tom Curley – Sound (Academy Award winner: Whiplash, Spectacular Now, Walk of Fame)
Lai-San Ho – Editor (This is Us, A Sort of Homecoming, Half The History)

Featured Mixing

STYE – Long Long Road by Mosher & Stoker

Stem mixing and Mastering of this Americana Rock Folk Grass roots album for STYE.

Singer Songwriters “Mosher & Stoker” wrote this mesmerizing Americana Rock, folk, grass roots album reminiscent of songs by Mumford & Son, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash and other greats in that genre. An album that has it’s fun 4/4 beat uplifting songs as well as moody, hardship & romantic vibes. When setting out to write this album they wanted each and every song to say something genuine, pure and straight from the heart. Recorded live in their Los Angeles studio.
Mosher & Stoker have written songs and played along musical greats Suckerpunch, Fred Schneider (B’52s), Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), The Chelsea Smiles, and Junkyard.

For track licensing enquiries write to:

Audio Editing Mixing Sound Design

Swabkin Fashion BLM

For this project we did Audio Mixing, Music Mastering, Sound design, added ambients, Dialogue/Music editing, Dialogue cleaning de-Noise and sweetening from location recordings inside multiple cars, locations with noise were treated and cleaned.

Audio Editing Mixing Sound Design

Wyndham Hotels by Clyde Fox & Associates

We thrive when we team-up with clients to make engaging live action, motion graphics or interactive projects to grab their audience’s attention.

Clyde Fox is led by creative director and artist Carlo Vega.

Over 15 years of experience directing and producing motion graphics and live action.
Business inquiries:
Carlo Vega

Mixing Music Production

Siegel+Gale Reel by Carlo Vega

Original music for Siegel+Gale Reel editing and design by Carlo Vega
Music, programing and Mixing by Eduardo Larez
Mallets and vibraphone performed by Javier Saume


Los Pixel – Ahora Lo Sabes Todo

Los Pixel

Los Pixel – “Ahora Lo Sabes Todo”, Nominated for the Latin Grammys for best Rock Album of 2018.
This is the 5th album from venezuela’s Legendary rock singer Pablo Dagnino’s band Los Pixel.
Pablo was the lead singer for the Rock band Sentimiento Muerto, from Caracas Venezuela. With hit records and many cult followers since the 80’s.
I got to mix 5 songs from 11 tracks of this fantastic solid Rock album.
The songs are:

  • Debería Acostumbrarme
  • Como Tu Quieres Que Sea
  • Horas ligeras
  • Siempre
  • En otra Dirección